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      +86 15371737717
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      公司介紹 / 可根據客戶需要量身打造各類花型風格!

      Shanghai CS furniture Ltd.was founded in May 2004(Mr.Yang,the founded of the company,was a director of a foreign textile factory with 25 years experience in the early years ).Shanghai CS furniture Ltd. is a textile company that are qualified with R&D and manufacture ability.This company staried as OEM product factory for some famous brands.

      In 2009,the company opened two jacquard weaving factories in Jiangsu province and Zhejiang province,covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters,at present,our company has 100 jacquard machines of various specifications,including electronic faucet jet and rapier,including single flower, various fabric products of high precision and low precision.

      In order to provide customers with better service and to catch up with international trends,our company also has set R&D and to get access to resources in the international city. Our mission is to provide our customers with provide first-class service.

      Tory OEM for the world’s top brand enterprises

      Strong new product R&D team

      Super large and wide pair and realistic weaving equipment and technology

      Customized and unique

      All kinds of patterns and styles can be designed based on customer needs,covering from commercial office building ,hotels,villas to small household decoration of wall cloth,curtains,bedding,jewelry fabrics.Our products are sold all over the world and well received.


      詳情:+86 15371737717 楊先生